Struggling as a mom there was chaos in my home. I second guessed and questioned myself on so many topics. Am I disciplining effectively? Am I setting boundaries? These were the questions I asked myself daily .

Parenting is difficult.

It’s a whole new world and no one told me about all the emotions involved. Fear, joy, uncertainty…Children don’t come with manuals, and each one is so different than the other.

This is where an effective parent coach comes in.
I am here to help you with the unfamiliar waters of parenting. First and foremost I’m a parent just like you! I struggled and have been there too! My mission now is to support and empower you with the solutions and tools specifically needed for your family goals.

I have designed what I call the Tackle Box, customized for each family, designed for your goals and specific situation.
This Tackle Box will arm you with proven strategies built on my 20+ years experience as an early childhood specialist and expert parent coach. You will learn through our one-on-one sessions, that give you the courage and skills to tackle each situation as it comes. Some examples include:

  • Homework struggles
  • Disciplining effectively
  • How to handle melt downs
  • How to build resilience in your children
  • How to handle defiant behavior

It’s time to stop the nagging and get positive immediate results!
Learning these strategies and skills will bring more harmony and joy into your home. You will be more confident in these situations.
Nothing brings me more joy than seeing the difference in each parent/child relationship .
I look forward to working with you!

Michelle DellAquila