Who Can Participate In Parenting Coaching?

Every child is unique, and unfortunately they aren’t born with an instruction manual! When it comes to raising our children in a healthy and well-adjusted manner, figuring out how to be the best parent isn’t easy. That is why I am here. Anyone that is a parent or planning to become a parent is welcome to receive my coaching. I am well-trained and able to give personalized experience that you can’t get from internet articles.

Who Would Benefit From Parenting Coaching?

Anyone that is significantly involved in a child’s life can benefit from parenting coaching. Parents are often the first to want coaching, but other interested parties could include grandparents, caregivers, and many more people who are invested in your child’s life.

What Age Group Do Your Parenting Programs Target?

We specialize in coaching parents of children ranging from infants to 13 years of age. By beginning your parent coaching program when your child is in this key developmental stage, you are more likely to build successful parenting techniques that positively influence your child into their teenage years and beyond.

When Is The Best Time To Seek Parenting Coaching?

You can begin parenting coaching at any time in your child’s life. When you are feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, or nervous about becoming a parent, your child’s development, or your child’s behavior, this is where I step in. For over 20 years, I’ve helped parents just like you with proven, effective parenting strategies to regain a sense of direction in child behavior management. Unsure if a parenting coach is right for your situation? Try booking one session with me online — there is no obligation or pressure to continue after the first session.

How Do The Parenting Programs Work?

I have many ways to approach my service from in-person sessions to sending in videos for review. I have a very personalized method of coaching. I want each of my clients to be successful, and for me this means designing programs that will accommodate each person’s unique lifestyle.

What Is Unique About Your Parenting Programs?

I have over 20 years of experience with a Master’s Degree in Special Education and a NY State teaching certification. My combination of education and experience is something that other parent coaches do not match. For busy, working parents, I offer parent coaching, parenting classes, and co-parenting classes so you can learn how to provide the best environment for your children at home. I also offer a video-based program in which I can evaluate your child’s behavior remotely and provide practical parenting advice and guidance.

I Have A Busy Or Complex Situation. How Can Your Parenting Program Fit My Needs?

I offer many different coaching options to accommodate the needs of each client. Parent coaching plans include: in-person sessions, sessions via Skype or Facetime on your phone or computer, or even sending in videos that I respond to with an evaluation.

What Type Of Parenting Approach Do You Use?

I utilized a goal-oriented, collaborative, positive family routine approach specially designed for your family.

How Long Does The Parenting Program Take?

Each situation is different depending on your goals. Typically, it takes four to eight weeks to see progress in your child, provided everyone does their part. The initial consultation takes 30 minutes, and each session thereafter takes one hour. You can do as many sessions as you’d like. I have discounted packages for three, six, and eight sessions on the Services page of this site if you would like to check them out!

Can I Sign Up For Parenting Coaching For Educational Purposes Rather Than Active Intervention?

Absolutely. Children are always changing, so as they grow up their behaviors can evolve with them. Even if your child is behaving well now, you may need guidance in the future. Therefore, I encourage all parents to receive coaching. Being a prepared parent comes in handy not only when interacting with your own child, but also when you communicate with other children or need to mediate conflicts between your child and other children. Everyone can benefit from this service.