Individual: If you live on Long Island and prefer parent coaching in your home, then I can provide scheduled one-on-one coaching sessions and programs delivered in the comfort of your own home. We follow a guided, routine family approach to deliver these services.

Phone: A strong WiFi connection or cellular phone network is required to participate in phone-based parenting coaching. We use FaceTime or Skype to run our sessions, so one of these options must be available for phone evaluations. When it is not possible to observe a child in person, we’re still able to assess issues and provide child behavior management advice over the phone.

Computer: A strong WiFi connection and webcam are necessary to participate in my FaceTime or Skype sessions. Once connected, simply ensure your child is visible on the video feed so that I can conduct a thorough behavior evaluation.

Video Submission: This is a convenient, flexible option for busy or working parents. You will send video files directly to me, and I will assess them and send a response back to you. Having the ability to observe videos of your child’s behavior gives me the chance to process their actions more clearly and give you a stronger sense of how to approach the issue.


Free Consultation: 15 Minutes

Basic: 1 Session – 1 Hour

Standard: 3 Sessions – 1 Hour Each

Premium: 6 Sessions – 1 Hour Each

Deluxe: 8 Sessions – 1 Hour Each

The Deluxe course will help your child:

  • Improve emotional intelligence: the ability to understand and manage one’s emotions in a positive manner
  • Learn self-awareness
  • Develop self-regulation strategies
  • Improve problem-solving
  • Increase motivation for positive behavior
  • Develop a “social skills story” specifically designed for your child
  • Learn how to implement and work on a library of individualized skills for parent/child.

Additional components:

  • Social activities presented in a fun, game-oriented manner
  • Parent coaching to examine different approaches and strategies to improve parent/child communication and nurture positive behavior
  • VIP client email support:

Tackle Box

Each parenting coach package comes with a customized tackle box, a collection of useful solutions and strategies to help you tackle all your tough parenting problems. The Tackle Box is for parent use and is specifically assembled to fit your situation.