I am so glad I was able to find Michelle

I was feeling defeated with my children and weighed down in the day to day. I was desperate for help and I am so glad I was able to find Michelle. Although I’m not local, Michelle and I had several sessions via zoom and she was able to help me strategize ways to make my days easier and build stronger relationships with my children. Whether or not she meant to, she helped me realize that a lot of my issue was my not fully connecting with my kids. I feel more at ease realizing that not everything has to be perfect, I am taking the time to listen to my sons thoughts and feelings and I can see a positive change in our relationship. Michelle is full of knowledge and has a tool for just about everything. She has helped our family become more peaceful, loving and overall happier. Cannot thank her enough! Only wish she lived closer so she could come ‘Super Nanny’ on the regular!
Amanda H.