Michelle has helped our family in so many ways…

We have been working with Michelle as our Family Trainer and as a Special Education Itinerant Teacher for my 4 year old son. I have seen such amazing progress in him since working with her for just a short period of time. Michelle always finds ways to engage my son by using books, videos, songs and games which we then use with him at home. She also finds what his interests are and incorporates them into his sessions. One of his favorite things to do with her is “Show and Tell” at the beginning of each session.

Prior to working with Michelle, my son would have a very difficult time with eye contact, playing with his peers, transitioning and dealing with his emotions . Michelle introduced different social stories to go over with him each day. We also use a picture chart for transitions and use the “First and Then” concept. This has helped us tremendously and has minimized his frustration and anxiety with change. He walks over to his chart every morning and looks forward to seeing what his day will look like. His eye contact and greetings have greatly improved. He also now loves having play dates and has been doing so well interacting with his peers.

I believe my son has been able to make progress and thrive during this time of distance learning and tele-therapy because of Michelle. He is a completely different child since we started working with her. Michelle has helped our family in so many ways and we are forever grateful!.