We Are So Grateful For The Progress…

Michelle Dellaquila worked with our family when our son was in Pre K. Michelle entered our lives at a time when it felt as if our son was unwanted and unloved in his current setting. We would receive negative feedback on a daily basis and we were no longer comfortable communicating with the teachers in his class.

From the beginning of our relationship Michelle went above and beyond the call of a Seis to make our family feel comfortable. She offered to meet in person to discuss our wants and needs for our son and as a family.

Once Michelle became a provider for our son she set up bi-weekly communication to tell us what happened each day. She worked with us to establish routines, rules and expectations to allow him to feel safe and wanted. Michelle also provided training for the staff at our son’s school to allow them to set up realistic goals and behavior expectations.

Michelle always listened with an open mind and heart to what was happening with our son at home. She provided extremely useful strategies to help build his self-esteem and confidence. She encouraged us to share his specific strengths with him and also had him give himself a hug when he needed sensory input. Michelle encouraged us to explore all aspects of his world including health, nutrition, diet and exercise. She also made an effort to contact our son’s other providers to make sure they were all working to help him reach his full potential.

We are so grateful for the progress he was able to make and for how much Michelle’s support and guidance made a difference in our lives.


Dara and Danny

Dara & Danny