1. Michelle has helped our family in so many ways…

    We have been working with Michelle as our Family Trainer and as a Special Education Itinerant Teacher for my 4 year old son. I have seen such amazing progress in him since working with her for just a short period of time. Michelle always finds ways to engage my son by using books, videos, songs and games which we then use with him at home. She also finds what his interests are and incorporates the…Read More

  2. We Are So Grateful For The Progress…

    Michelle Dellaquila worked with our family when our son was in Pre K. Michelle entered our lives at a time when it felt as if our son was unwanted and unloved in his current setting. We would receive negative feedback on a daily basis and we were no longer comfortable communicating with the teachers in his class. From the beginning of our relationship Michelle went above and beyond the call of a S…Read More

    Dara & Danny
  3. We couldn’t have done it without you

    Recently we hired Michelle to work with our younger daughter to understand and learn how to manage her behavior , set boundaries, feel in control of a situation that occurs. Michelle taught us about her tackle box. I could never live without this now! Individually designed for our daughter to help us tackle the tough times like not listening, power struggles. We often would video our daughter and …Read More

    Mary 2019
  4. We will definitely use her again

    We are so grateful to have worked with Michelle for the past 6 months. Michelle was easy to talk to from the first day. She asked me many questions to see what my parenting style was and what goals we wanted to achieve. Michelle was very professional with a caring spirit. At the time are 3 year old son was having major tantrums, hitting, yelling really having a hard time with everyday situations. …Read More

    Joan 2019
  5. Exceptional Therapist

    It is my pleasure to recommend Michelle Dell’Aquila for a position at your agency. I met Michelle about a year ago when working on two Early Intervention cases with her. Over time, she has proven to be wonderful and caring therapist. Michelle has many qualities, which make her an exceptional therapist. However, she distinguishes herself through her clinical skills. She consistently delivers appr…Read More

    Allison Pennisi M.A.
  6. I strongly recommend Michelle Dell’Aquila as a Parent Coach

    I have been working for the past year with Michelle Dell’Aquila, a special education teacher in the Early Intervention Program. Michelle has over twenty years of experience in Parent Coaching, including both Early Intervention and CSE programs. While living in Europe, Michelle started an Early Intervention program there. During this past year, Michelle has helped a set of twins make tremendous p…Read More

    Donna A. Vetere RN
  7. Totally life changing for my family!!!!

    Anyone looking for expert development programs for their children should absolutely not hesitate to contact this service. Trust me when I tell you that you will not regret it and if you follow their instructions regarding your littles ones you will be eternally grateful as we are!! Thank you so much. Totally life changing for my family!!!!…Read More

    Jen Parsons