I cover a range of parenting topics in my sessions that can help clients learn new strategies and gain a deeper understanding of how children learn, grow, and thrive. Because each family is unique, the challenges and solutions we tackle together require a customized approach. After you sign up for parent coaching with me, you can expect us to work through many of the following common topics:

Communication and Relationships

Many parenting issues originate from poor communication. In order to successfully implement any of the changes we plan during our coaching sessions, it’s important to build strong communications skills. Communication is also the foundation of positive, functional relationships. We will work together to foster improved communication using the following topics:

  • Getting through to your child – Learn how to choose your words and adjust your tone to encourage your child to listen and stop tuning you out.
  • How to communicate with your child – Discover how to foster two-way communication in which parent and child both feel heard and valued.
  • Discovering your “family language” – Explore the unique communication methods that your family has cultivated through experiences, culture, and upbringing.
  • Dealing with sibling rivalry – Learn to handle the difficult emotions and behavior expressed between siblings out of jealousy, loneliness, fear, and other triggers.
  • Power struggles between parent and child – Learn how to stand strong in your role as a parent while supporting your child’s independence and individuality.
  • Making lasting changes – Take the right steps to create positive, long-term habits based on our discoveries from each coaching session.

Discipline and Child Behavior Management

When your child is out of control, do you feel powerless, frustrated, and even ashamed? We will work to understand the root of your child’s outbursts and define a family-focused plan to help them learn positive ways to express their big emotions. Topics in this category include:

  • Learning about discipline – Build a strong foundation within yourself and your child regarding what discipline is, its purpose, and how it can be carried out.
  • Positive discipline – Learn to use discipline to correct your child and point out where they fell short of expectations, rather than as a punishment to force obedience out of fear.
  • Encouraging positive behavior – Discover how to keep the positive behavior train rolling using methods that work for your child.
  • Establishing boundaries – Realize how to draw the line between who is the parent and who is the child without feeling guilty.
  • Improving impulse control to limit acting out – Learn how to help your child control their emotions and work through feelings calmly rather than resorting to physical outbursts.
  • How to handle toddler tantrums and whining – Discover how to calm your toddler and pick up on subtle cues to help you understand why they are upset.

Life Skills and Development

When it comes to life skills, starting early is the key to forming habits that stick. We will work on building behaviors in your child that will set them up for success and enable them to recognize the benefits of learning new skills to further their independence. Areas we may focus on include:

  • Potty training – Find the balance between guidance and independence when helping your child learn to listen to their body, create privacy expectations, and transition to the toilet.
  • Handling homework – Learn how to encourage your children in their academic responsibilities, communicate with teachers, help with assignments, and seek third-party assistance (tutoring, etc.) when necessary.
  • Getting your child to eat healthy meals – Discover how to implement healthy food choices into your child’s diet, while teaching them the importance of wholesome meals.
  • Children with ADD or ADHD (age three to six) – Equip yourself with the knowledge and skills you need to effectively parent your child after an ADD or ADHD diagnosis.
  • Children on the autism spectrum – Learn essential information and practices to help you successfully parent your child on the autism spectrum.
  • Understanding toddlers – Unravel the mysteries of this fantastically frustrating phase full of developmental milestones.

Personal Growth

Part of our parent coaching approach includes sessions focused on the internal environment of your child. We will work towards building a strong, positive mind and heart that will help your child navigate their inner selves and external world with empathy, confidence, and curiosity. Points of focus in this category include:

  • Emotional intelligence – Help your child discern their feelings and the feelings of others in order to react appropriately in a given situation.
  • Learning through play – Encourage your child to learn while using their imagination to explore their world and expand their horizons.
  • Raising creative thinkers – Discover how to raise your child to confidently ask questions, consider all sides of an issue, and implement independent problem-solving.
  • Improving social skills – Help your child make friends, treat others well, understand teamwork, and accept differences among peers.
  • Building resilience in children – Equip your child with the confidence and knowledge that they are loved even in the face of bullying, failure, and other sources of adversity.
  • Building self-esteem in children – Learn how to foster a positive self-image in your child through encouragement, respect, and assignment of appropriate responsibilities.

Sign Up For Parent Coaching And Start Seeing Results

With so many topics covered, I sincerely hope that you found a few items above that spoke to the needs of yourself, your child, and your family. If there are topics that were not touched on here, please reach out to discuss how we can build out a plan to ensure all of your concerns and goals are addressed. I invite you to contact me with any questions you may have.  I can’t wait to begin this journey together.