I help families with children from infants to 5 yrs old who are worried and fearful about whether their child is where they should be intellectually, physically and emotionally, and what they as parents can do to help.

We’ll work together to approach each milestone and encourage your child’s development using evidence-based strategies and fun activities, utilizing a routine-based approach concentrating on the whole child.

The toddler years are fun and exciting. This is when your child will learn how to play, communicate and gain independence! Expect new and complex emotions, pretend play, walking, a lot of new words and more. Activities that are good for development during the day include reading books, talking, listening, and getting on the floor with them and playing. Work on everyday skills following your routine family schedule.

Through our collaboration you will learn what to expect and strategies to encourage development to ease your fears, giving you peace of mind and the ability to help those you love.

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