Hi, I’m Michelle and I’m a licensed Early Childhood Specialist and Parent Coach with almost 30 years of experience. I’ve helped thousands of divorced and separated families learn effective strategies to Co-Parent successfully and restore peace at home.

Are you recently divorced or separated and worried about how to co-parent effectively?
Are you concerned about whether your children will adapt or if they might resent you? Will the break-up affect their performance in school? Will you be able to help them emotionally through the whole journey?

Does this sound familiar? You’re in the right place! 

Through our individual work together you will learn immediate solutions, whether you’re separated, divorced, or live in different homes, you can raise happy healthy, resilient children.

Learn how to communicate effectively along with proven strategies to effectively support your family needs. You will learn how to set appropriate boundaries geared to all ages. We will design your individual parent plan together, supporting you and your children and easing the adjustment, while encouraging a healthy co-parenting relationship.

By understanding supportive vs. non-supportive co-parenting strategies, as well as tips for effectively resolving conflicts, parents can develop a healthy co-parenting relationship.

Positive co-parenting practices reassure children that both parents want what is best for them, allowing children to develop meaningful relationships with both parents. By working cooperatively and being involved in important decisions, parents provide children with feelings of love and support, while lowering feelings of guilt and reducing the chance that children will be caught in the middle of disagreements.

Nothing gives me more pleasure than seeing the peace and harmony restored in your relationship.
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