My name is Michelle Dell’Aquila. I am a parenting expert and early childhood specialist with more than 20 years of experience working with parents just like you who want to raise healthy, well-adjusted children. For busy, working parents, I offer flexible parent coaching, and parenting and co-parenting classes so you can learn how to provide the best environment for your children at home. I focus on helping parents of children ranging from infants to 13 years of age. I even offer a unique, tailored Parenting-On-The-Go program, which offers immediate results visible after only one session!

Check out my newest mini workshop, Ages and Stages 12-18 Months: What to expect and strategies to encourage toddler development.

In-Home And Remote Parent Coaching Sessions

If you are located in the Long Island area, I can deliver in-home parent coaching sessions. Live elsewhere or prefer a remote service? I offer coaching via phone, computer, and non-live video submissions. My goal is to ensure that anyone who desires to raise resilient, positive, well-behaved children can access the guidance, resources, and tools they need for successful parenting. My parenting programs can be a great option for a variety of families raising children ranging from infants to 13 years of age, including:

  • Single parents
  • Busy, working parents
  • One stay-at-home parent and one working parent
  • Divorced or separated parents
  • Military or long-distance families
  • Non-traditional families (adoptive, foster, blended)
  • Guardians and non-parent caregivers
  • Parents seeking educational (non-interventional) coaching

I offer a variety of coaching packages to suit your timeline, from a single session to eight sessions. Each session lasts one hour. I invite you to view the common topics we may cover during your coaching sessions — you may discover many of the parenting issues you struggle with are exactly what we will tackle!