My name is Michelle Dell’Aquila and I’m a licensed Early Childhood Specialist and Parent Coach with almost 30 years of experience working with parents just like you who want to raise healthy, well-adjusted children. 

I help frustrated parents struggling with setting healthy boundaries with their children, experiencing disruption in their home from the unruly behavior, backtalk, and yelling that makes them feel awful and doubt themselves as parents. By using my own experience as a parent combined with customized strategies and a family routine approach, I help parents develop communication tools and supportive daily routines to manage conflict and create a sense of peace within their family and home. 

For busy, working parents, I offer flexible parent coaching, and parenting and co-parenting sessions so you can learn how to provide the best environment for your children at home. I focus on helping parents of children ranging from infants to 13 years of age. I even offer a unique, tailored Parenting-On-The-Go program, which offers immediate results visible after only one session!

I’ve helped thousands of divorced and separated families learn effective strategies to Co-Parent successfully and restore peace at home. Read more about Co-Parenting here.

Parent Coaching Sessions

I offer coaching via phone, computer, and non-live video submissions. My goal is to ensure that anyone who desires to raise resilient, positive, well-behaved children can access the guidance, resources, and tools they need for successful parenting. My parenting programs can be a great option for a variety of families raising children ranging from infants to 13 years of age, including:

  • Single parents
  • Busy, working parents
  • One stay-at-home parent and one working parent
  • Divorced or separated parents
  • Military or long-distance families
  • Non-traditional families (adoptive, foster, blended)
  • Guardians and non-parent caregivers
  • Parents seeking educational (non-interventional) coaching

I offer a variety of coaching services to suit your timeline, from a single session to eight sessions. Each session lasts one hour. I invite you to view the common topics we may cover during your coaching sessions — you may discover many of the parenting issues you struggle with are exactly what we will tackle!